Presenting Personas with Empathy

Presenting Personas with Empathy

Episode 2 of the workshop clinic was about how to work with Personas.

Our case giver was interested in building a workshop for her team to present the newly designed Personas to them in a way that lets the team build empathy with them, rather than just saying “here, these are our personas”. We had a lot of fun around this topic and realized soon: the introduction is just the surface. The real work is to integrate them in day-to-day work situations and decisions and of course we had some out-of-the-box ideas for this.

🎪 how you can playfully present them to your team 
❤️ how to build empathy with them
🏄🏻‍♀️ how to integrate in your teams process

We came up with a 💁‍♀️ Virtual Zoom Persona Avatar and other playful ways to integrate them in everyday virtual team workflows.

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We collect workshop problems and challenges from you out there and choose one to give our feedback on. In a second step we brainstorm with everyone who joins the call together about methods, timelines, warm-ups, order of activities to bring the best ideas forward. A true case clinic!

Our idea is to have a big feedback party — a free exchange of knowledge around how to make people work together nicely to achieve a goal. So if you are interested in learning more methods, getting inspiration and contribute to a concrete challenge…join us!

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