Collaging Future Hybrids Workshop in Berlin

Collaging Future Hybrids Workshop in Berlin

Collaging Future Hybrids is a series of workshops to explore what employment, collaboration and life mean to us in the the next decades to come. Together we are exploring with our hands — and scissors and a loooot of glue — how this future could look like and how we need to design it.

Being playful about important topics is serious work.

And so we come together, to put language and words into the backseat and instead use creativity and our imagination to look into the future. Far out!

The pandemic has shifted our thinking!

Hybrid is not just about zoom calls and offices. It has opened up boxes in our mind: How can life fit into work and how can we design work more modular and fluid?

How does polyamorous employment look like? How can we mix and match engagements? What does loyalty and trust mean here? Are we turning into fake employees? These are all thoughts that bubbled up in our first workshop, but we will keep exploring; each time starting with the people that are there, a clean plate, a different perspective.

Join us next time!

Berlin, 15. of July, 15:00—19:00 in Mitte. We will let you know where exactly soon!

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