Our Design Thinking for HR Online Course is now for free

Our Design Thinking for HR Online Course is now for free


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Free Design Thinking for HR Course

In 2020 we created an online course to do Design Thinking for HR quick trainings with your team. It was 190€, we now publish this course for free in our open.ex-lab.de initiative. Feel free to use, re-use, remix and share this content.

This content is released unter Creative Commons **Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. Feel free to use and give us a attribution in form of mention + link.

Design Thinking for HR Playsprint

Redesign internal processes and improve your employee experience facilitating this step-by-step workshop for your team!

This is actually NOT an online course.

It is a workshop with a step-by-step process that teaches you the Design Thinking for HR approach and gives you everything you need to facilitate it for your team.

Check how it works?


That’s Julius☝️ EX Practitioner, Co-founder of EX-Lab and your guide for the Playsprint.

This is how the Design Thinking for HR Playsprint works


Bite sized videos guide you with clear instructions for each step

Practice working on a real Employee Experience challenge

Guide your team through the process supported by templates, a facilitation guide and FAQs we answered for you

This workshop is for you if…

You’ve heard of Employee Experience Design but don’t know how to start using it in your projects

You are looking for a quick and easy way to re-design internal processes including your colleagues’ perspective without getting lost

You’d like work more actively with your team doing workshops

This workshop is NOT for you if…

If you have never heard of Employee Experience and you’re looking for a introduction to the field and its advantages

You’ve have done a Design Thinking course

After this now free online workshop you’ll be able to… 

(RE)Design any stage of the employee lifecycle with a human-centric approach

Facilitate with confidence a lean Employee Experience Design workshop for your team or clients

Map a simple Employee Journey with Moments That Matter to improve the employee experience effectively

Increase the adoption of your solutions and avoid push-backs creating and testing prototypes of the new experience

And there is more: Facilitation Toolbox

  • 90min of short videos with crystal clear instructions

  • A facilitation guide with our best tips from doing more than 800 workshops

  • Agenda examples to help you plan realistic and effective work sessions

  • Templates in Mural, Miro, PDF and Jamboard — ready for printing and remote work!

  • Access to our Open EX LAB Library with selected articles about Employee Experience

Facilitation Guide, Agendas, Templates, FAQ and a library of articles about Design Thinking and HR…all that you can find in the toolbox

But don’t take our word only…

This is Andrew Kyle, the Lead of Employer Branding & Candidate Experience at Gorillas. Listen to what he thinks about our Employee Experience Design approach.

“It’s a great online course, easily implemented with your team during a morning or afternoon session”

Katrin Kircheis, Workplace Consultant

“I can’t wait to run my first Playsprint! It is a step by step and super simple approach that anyone just by doing it two times can do it on their own”

Gabriela Torres, Employer Branding Consultant

“I really enjoyed watching it and learned a LOT! Next week I will be doing it with my team”

Julia Staszak, Head of HR at Milengo

We like to make learning online hands-on, actionable and fun

1. You will work on a real challenge

You’ll be re-designing the first day of your onboarding process. The idea is that you practice with us and get ready to apply afterwards the same approach for any other stage of the employee lifecycle.

2. Bite size and low time investment

We keep it straight to the point with videos no longer than 9min. You can go through all the videos in 90min or take 3 to 4 hours to do it “workshop style” doing it in one go or in multiple sessions.

3. We make it playful and engaging

Julius keeps it casual and entertaining, with everyday language that makes the content easy to follow and replicate on your own.

Your Course Curriculum

Module 1: Get ready for your Playsprint

+ Short intro about Design Thinking and Employee Experience and all you need to run your first Playsprint

Module 2: Discover

This is where you go from having a broad challenge to crispy Moments that Matter.

    • Employee Research with interviews best practices
    • Simplified Employee Journey Maps
    • Moments that Matter & Micro-Persona

Module 3: Design

Now it’s the time to create a new experience and test it! you’ll learn:

    • The two phases of Brainstorming
    • Create rapid prototypes of the new experience
    • How to test prototypes to refine your solutions and avoid push back

Module 4: Reflection

Reflect on what you have been doing in the Playsprint to bring it to your day-to-day! we provide you with guiding questions for you to do it with your team

We got covered all the details of professional education

Easy to share your accomplishments and strengthen your profile

Did you know that Linkedin found out that people who add credentials to heir profile receive 6x more profile views than those who don’t?

Your certificate is ready to be shared in Linkedin with the right format and pretty colour scheme. We tell you how to add it to your profile.

So, ready to get the skills you need to enhance the employee experience and update your toolkit?

Enroll now for free

Have any questions? Not sure if this is the right thing for you? Email us at hello@ex-lab.de, we will be happy to help you out!

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