The Zoom of Bonding: Remote Onboarding Company Camaraderie!

The Zoom of Bonding: Remote Onboarding Company Camaraderie!

Welcome to the Virtual Jungle Gym: Onboarding from the Couch! In the era of remote work, companies have had to adapt their onboarding processes to the virtual world.

While it may seem challenging to build camaraderie from behind a screen, the truth is that remote onboarding has unleashed a new wave of company bonding. With video conferencing tools like Zoom, employees are finding creative ways to connect, break the ice, and foster a sense of team spirit. Let’s take a closer look at how the virtual jungle gym of onboarding is bringing colleagues closer together, one pixel at a time!

From Awkward Intros to Virtual High Fives: Bonding in Pixels!

Gone are the days of awkward handshakes and nervous introductions in the office lobby. Now, onboarding happens right from the comfort of your couch, where wearing formal pants is optional. Through video calls, new team members are greeted by friendly faces who are more than happy to showcase their work-from-home setups, complete with pets and peculiar backgrounds.


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With everyone working remotely, the playing field is leveled, and the virtual space becomes a meeting ground for shared experiences. From funny glitches during presentations to virtual high fives and thumbs-ups, the digital world has become a breeding ground for camaraderie. Who would have thought that a pixelated thumbs-up emoji could replace the real thing so effortlessly?

Breaking the Ice, One Zoom Call at a Time: Unleashing the Team Spirit!

Zoom calls have become the lifeline of remote onboarding, and they’re not just limited to official meetings. Companies have started organizing virtual icebreaker sessions, where new hires get to know their teammates through quirky games and activities. The usual awkwardness of meeting new people is replaced with laughter and fun, as employees bond over shared interests, virtual scavenger hunts, or even showing off their hidden talents.

Virtual happy hours have also become a hit, with colleagues gathering over a screen, drinks in hand, to unwind and socialize. These moments of casual conversation and camaraderie help break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging within the team. Who knew that virtual water coolers could be just as refreshing as the real thing?

In the age of remote work, the virtual jungle gym of onboarding has proven that camaraderie can thrive even in pixels. From the comfort of our couches, we have embraced the digital world, creating bonds with our colleagues through video calls, virtual high fives, and icebreaker activities. Through shared experiences and laughter, we have discovered that distance is no match for the power of connection.

So, whether you’re onboarding or already a part of the team, remember to raise a virtual glass and celebrate the camaraderie that continues to grow, one Zoom call at a time!

Some Ideas for your Remote Onboarding to create  a Sense of Community

Here are some remote onboarding ideas to create a sense of community:

  • Schedule virtual coffee breaks or happy hours to allow new hires to get to know their colleagues in a relaxed setting.
  • Host virtual team-building activities like online games, trivia contests, or collaborative drawing sessions.
  • Create a Slack or Teams channel specifically for new hires to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with one another.
  • Encourage team members to share their hobbies and interests, and consider starting a virtual club or group around a shared interest.
  • Provide opportunities for new hires to collaborate on projects or work on cross-functional teams to build camaraderie and foster a sense of teamwork.

Remember, building a sense of community is essential for remote onboarding success. Encourage your team to be creative and think outside the box to make new hires feel welcome and part of the team.

We have been designing and implementing remote onboarding experiences for very different companies. If you are also looking for a fresh, consistent and impactful onboarding experience for your new colleagues, get in touch with us!

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