Designing Company Retrospectives

Designing Company Retrospectives

In our first episode of the Workshop Clinic we developed an agenda and a concept for a company-wide retrospective. 

Dive into the world of designing and hosting company-wide retrospectives that are anything but ordinary. We’re about to take your retrospectives to the next level! Join us for a whirlwind adventure of creativity, collaboration, and celebration as we show you how to turn retrospectives into the highlight of your workweek. Stay tuned for an epic blog full of mind-blowing tips, electrifying success stories, and a dash of retro-magic coming your way soon!

You can find the video here and the links and tools we mentioned in our

Workshop Clinic @

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We collect workshop problems and challenges from you out there and choose one to give our feedback on and then in a second step brainstorm with everyone who joins the call together about methods, timelines, warm-ups, order of activities and so on to bring the best ideas forward. A true case clinic!

Our idea is to have a big feedback party — a free exchange of knowledge around how to make people work together nicely to achieve a goal. So if you are interested in learning more methods, getting inspiration and contribute to a concrete challenge…join us!

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