We are a creative laboratory with the mission to make the workplace a space for growth and joy for all employees people.

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What we do with you! 

We like to say: we are not experts but collaborators…it’s true, instead of massive briefings and plans we team up with our clients to build employee experiences that match with expectations and values.


Facilitation, Team Coaching and Capability Building


Participatory Design, Co-Design, Experience Design, Learning Design, Communication Design, Prototyping, User Research & Testing

Employee Experience Lab Home

Employee Experience Design is a vast field and there are many touchpoints

We have worked on high impact learning cultures, leadership development, impactful onboarding, modern performance management, recognition-rich cultures and self and formal development.

We would love to work with you on trustful leadership and transparent communication, investment in people, flexible and human work environments as well as open and flexible work spaces. Other topics that get us excited are self-organization of small teams and alternative organizational structures.

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Employee Experience Lab Home

Why we created Employee Experience Lab.

We believe work is a space to explore ourselves, try out new things and grow together with peers working towards a common goal.

We are convinced our HR teams and People people must step out of their support function to become the heart of organisations; enabling their colleagues, ensuring teaming and pushing the boundaries of what work means. 

But how can people try and fail or work together across functions when they are managed and controlled by a top-down approach which rewards individual behaviours?

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