Bridging silos and leveraging learning with communities within AWO

Employee Experience Lab Communities and Networks in AWO

Communities are drivers of change by enabling employees to connect, learn from each other and try out a different way of working — together.

But: How do we support emerging communities of practice without interfering with their unique character and setup? How can learning be scaled without over-managing and pushing initiatives in processes they were sidestepping in the first place by forming a community with their peers?

These were just a few of the questions the team of AWO digital had on on their mind when they came to us! Together with the team and the members of the community and networking initiatives we are co-designing a framework in which communities and networks can foster and grow!

Employee Experience Lab Communities and Networks in AWO

The booklet is intended to be read by team leads, decision makers and future community builders. It shows how communities fit in with organisational development goals and illustrates what makes them successful.

We decided to showcase existing initiatives to make readers aware that this is not theoretical nice-to-haves but “handfeste Realität” …and with crooked edges and other subtle deviation from the CI of AWO it will become clear: Communities are part of the organization but they work differently!

Employee Experience Lab Communities and Networks in AWO

General Stakeholder Level

Educating stakeholders about the goal and use of communities and networks in organisations like AWO with a booklet.

Digital Transformation Coordination Level

Design of a code of conduct for interaction with community initiatives & set up of impact measurements for the communities and network initiatives.

Community & Network Level

Build a solid mission and purpose structure for existing initiatives, so members can rally around it and focus on delivering their mission. Prototype engagement and learning formats for the existing initiatives.

Employee Experience Lab Communities and Networks in AWO
The booklet is also available as a Gitbook to it can be shared, edited and remixed.

What’s next? Scaling Communities!

This is not done by adding more members, but by creating more communities and building relationships between them.

That is why the next steps are enabling and encouraging engaged employees to build communities and networks within AWO.

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