Performance Review turned Growth Process for agile Teams

with Kiron

Employee Experience Lab Agile Performance Review with Kiron

Since 2015, Kiron provides high-quality educational opportunities for more than 6000 refugees and people from underserved communities.

In 2019 they started their journey to become self-organised and this transition demanded a new approach for traditional HR processes. One example is the yearly performance review. Who should evaluate employees’ performance when there are not managers? How do career paths look like when there is no ladder to climb?

We teamed up with their People Team to find answers and design their new process to help them achieve their mission: eradicating the stigma that in social enterprises there are not opportunities to grow. Look at how we did it!


  • A cohesive Growth Process tested with employees
  • Prototype of a tool that guides employees into designing their own growth path
  • Roadmap with clear insights where to go next
  • A backlog of employees’ needs to continue improving the EX

Employee Experience Lab Agile Performance Review with Kiron

We reframed our design challenge after the first day of defining and scoping with the People Team. Instead of creating an agile performance review, we figured together that the question was actually more like: How can we provide employees with opportunities to give and receive feedback in order to move forward in their professionalism and personal development? After we redirected our sprint goal, everyone in the room felt that that was the right problem to tackle!

We talked to Kironistas to discover what they needed in order to fully embrace the opportunity of designing their own growth path. Afterwards we built a series of experiments to learn the best way to facilitate that: a self-reflection guide, a series of steps to create your own growth path and a peer-coaching system. These interventions and moments we created for the Kironistas followed what we learned from them during interviews: that is not easy to make sense on your own how you want to grow, the importance of making learning explicit in order to really feel like growing and the need for peer-feedback and accountability.

Always in the back of our heads and in front of our eyes were the values of Kiron, which we unpacked on Monday — digital, respect for the Kiron family, student-centeredness, openness and team collaboration. The experience we designed needed to stay true to this set of values that are very important to the team and their work. They were our guiding stars and filter for every idea, every question and every sketch and Kironistas could feel it when we presented the new growth process to them.

What we designed

A growth process that helps people define their own growth path by linking personal interests, team feedback and the business strategy. It includes non-anonymous 360° feedback, a self-assessment tool to guide the design of individual growth paths and peer-coaching to facilitate sense-making, accountability and strengthening relationships.

What are the next steps?

  • Refine the 360° feedback and the self-assessment tool
  • Set up a pilot to test and adjust the process. The focus is on determining the frequency of feedback and how the peer-coaching works.
  • Feedback and Peer-coaching trainings.
  • Sprints to design the compensation process and creative ways of acquiring new skills/expertise

You also want to (re-)design your Agile Performance Review process? Get in touch with us!


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