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Impact Week Rwanda

The Impact Week is an intercultural initiative. In 2018 they collaborated with Lufthansa to make this initiative more sustainable, including a Train the trainer formatĀ for employees and locals.

  • Design at Business
  • Lufthansa
  • Train the Trainer format 
  • Mentoring of new coaches

The Design at Business community is a network of professionals from 120+ large organisations, who exchange knowledge on how to implement Design Thinking in their work environments. During the Impact Week, coach members gather in different countries to extend this knowledge to locals in a huge Design Thinking workshop where they find user-centric solutions to local challenges. 

This year Design at Business, Lufthansa and Nestlé teamed up to include a Train the Trainer programme in this initiative and therefore build a community of coaches to give it continuity. That’s why Madlen was invited to lead the design and execution of this training where Lufthansa employees and teachers and students from the SOS Village school became Design Thinking coaches.

Our activities
  • Programme design
  • Design and production of materials
  • Master of ceremony
  • Mentoring of new coaches
Employee Experience Lab Impact Week Rwanda 2018
20 teams pitched their prototypes

Limited time did not compromise the quality of the coaches

Within 6 days of training 11 senior coaches were able to train 32 people as junior coaches. The training provides a concise yet powerful toolbox that guarantees the understanding of the Design Thinking mindset and the adoption of the necessary coaching skills.

At the end, becoming a coach is about practice, but with good foundations the process can speed up!

Mastering large format workshops with a new team

Leading a team of 43 coaches to guide 130+ students in a Design Thinking workshop was not piece of cake.

Knowing how to align a big team, sharing responsibilities and encouraging improvisation made this huge event possible and added extra value to the new coaches who gained insights on how workshops are organised and conducted. 

Limited time + limited resources + large group = concrete results

Concrete results can be independent from time and resources if the collaboration is well structured. The Impact Week is a demonstration that the Design Thinking ways of working are extremely powerful in guiding teams to create tangible outcomes.

In 3 days 20 teams had tangible prototypes to pitch their ideas!

Looking forward to train your colleagues but you have limited resources and a large group?

Write to us! We find ways to build a good foundation for your colleagues to build on top.


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