U30 BarCamp & Zukunftskongress

With a Barcamp we listened in on the expectations of young civil servants and what challenges they face. We brought these insights into the Zukunftkongress — Germany’s leading conference about digitalization in the public sector.



  • Lena Sarp
  • Nicola Süsser
  • Basanta Thapa
  • Large Format Facilitation
  • User-Centric Open Space Design
  • User Research
  • Exhibit Design and Audio Installations
June & July 2018

We designed and moderated/facilitated a barcamp event for 100+ participants in the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin Friedrichstraße. The goal was to listen in to the needs of young citizens and employees of the public sector in Germany and synthesize these findings into an exhibition at the Zukunftskongress — the leading conference for digitalization in the German public sector.

We used a human-centered approach to structure discussions and enable deep and concrete conversations quickly. We synthesized the input of 20 discussion into an exhibition and audio installation, where visitors of the conference could listen to user stories to gain empathy for the challenges civil servants face today.

Our activities
  • Moderation of Barcamp and Presentation
  • Space Design
  • Programme Design
  • Design and Production of Materials
  • Documentation & User-Research
  • Exhibition Design

User centered Barcamp / Open Space

To enable deep and insightful conversation in short timeframe, we structured the group worksessions around personas and their needs. With that participants had a concrete basis for their exploration of the topic they chose themselves.

Open Atmosphere and trusted exchange

We designed and prepared the space and the programme so that the participants felt comfortable and engaged to discuss their wishes and needs openly with others. We did this by using proxy personas and a taking care of a warm, respectful and valuing interaction, starting from the greeting all the way through group work to saying goodbye.

Exhibition Design and Audio Installations

The documentation and sensemaking of the barcamp was integral part of our project, since we wanted to bring the insights of the needs and wishes to a conference shortly afterwards. We synthesized 20 discussion into an exhibit which included audio station all around the Zukunftskongress where visitors could listen in to user stories and gain empathy.

Employee Experience Lab U30 BarCamp & Zukunftskongress

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