Community Building Tandem Course

Employee Experience Lab Community Building Tandem Course

We designed and produced an online course about building networks and communities as part of the ongoing efforts inside Deutsches Rotes Kreuz to up-skill and offer self-development to their employees. 

This action-orientated course is intended to be done in a tandem in 2 hours. Our focus was to offer as much supporting content as possible while putting the learner into action by giving instructions to accomplish a goal — setting up their own network or community. The course is asynchronous, so it doesn’t follow a strict timeline; as a learning you watch the content you need in the moment, not in advance.

This online course is a first prototype and will be developed further with the new iteration of the learning tandem platform of Deutsches Rotes Kreuz.

Keeping it simple and light hearted

The goal was to build an online course that would make the learners get into action mode, not bore-out!

So, together with Jenny Geiser, one of the Social Innovation Community organizers, we presented few theoretical knowledge but more examples from our own work with the community. This and some casualness as well as humour were the key ingredients for a meal that is fun to cook and easy to digest!


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