Show the real impact of your onboarding program!

The Onboarding Impact Measuring Canvas helps you define the metrics that matter to demonstrate the impact of your onboarding program in a few simple steps.

Specifically designed for HR, People and L&D teams in companies with more than 1000 employees. It includes the template and a guide to fill it out.

    The Onboarding Impact Measuring Canvas will help you to:

    • Unlock budget, time and resources to make changes in your onboarding
    • Increase the engagement of your stakeholders by showing what’s in for them
    • Align your team on what’s important to track in your onboarding program

    Need help to get started?

    We are happy to facilitate a quick workshop with your team to fill out the canvas together and guide you with our experience helping companies revamp their onboarding programs.

    Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Impact Measuring Canvas

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