Secure the talent you worked so hard to hire

We help you grow your business consistently with a remote onboarding experience that creates belonging and frees up time from busy managers.

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

Avoid having to start hiring all over again!

When you are scaling your remote or hybrid business, there’s nothing more frustrating as a People Leader than working hard to hire the people you need to make it possible, only to see them go within the first year, leaving you behind hiring targets and having to start all over again🫠

Is your remote onboarding experience the reason for turnover?

Check out the 5 most common issues with remote onboarding that increase turnover, according to our work:

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

  • The onboarding is focused on delivering information what makes new hires feel isolated because the little personal connections
  • The onboarding either offers too much information making new hires feel overwhelmed or too little making them feel lost
  • The onboarding is inconsistent. Every manager does it their way so new hires might not receive what they need to succeed in their role
  • Managers are overworked with scaling tasks and complain that onboarding tasks take too much of their time which might make them fall behind tasks
  • The HR team (or soloist) are overworked with hiring, setting up policies, doing payroll etc. which leaves little time to set up a consistent onboarding experience

We help you grow your business with a cool remote onboarding experience that makes new hires decide for a long career with you and frees up time from managers to focus on scaling tasks.

We’ve helped companies:

  • 💪 Enable People Leaders to take actions before is too late
  • 📉 Reduce 185+ hours of admin work in 6 months (a month of a manager’s salary 🤑)
  • 📈 Improve new hires’ rating of their onboarding from 3.8 to 4.5 in 6 months
  • 😍 Eliminate the feeling of isolation in new hires with experiences that reflect the company culture

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

What the users of our onboarding experiences say:

“I really liked the implementation of an automated standardized onboarding process. The day-to-day challenges shared by the other beginners even inspired me to kickstart an initiative to improve our internal communication. I really enjoyed my hand being held through my first months.”

A. Rakowski, Product Manager


“Our periodic [remote] onboarding sessions helped me to understand and to concentrate on the things that were really important. It improved my attitude and personal feeling of the onboarding process. It was really helpful to socialize, to get new connections with nice people and to realize once again the nice culture that lives in the company”

I. Volobuev, Backend Engineer

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

Ways in which we can work together


360° Action Plan

We audit your remote onboarding involving all stakeholders and point you in the right direction. You’ll receive a clear strategy and roadmap based on needs and pains that your employees will only share with an independent party like us.


“Plug and Play” Program

These programs are designed for the status of your remote/hybrid onboarding and your hiring volumes.

Our services include: experience design, implementation, automation of tasks and reminders, content and materials creation, community building experiences, measuring of business impact and an adhoc onboarding team to help you breath during onboarding peeks.


Community Program

We make your new hires feel part of your community by designing and facilitating social experiences aligned to your culture that can be easily added to your current onboarding

What we can accomplish together

For people leaders

  • Give you visibility of the whole experience so you can take action timely
  • Free up time for you to focus on strategic work
  • Demonstrate your impact on the business reporting meaningful metrics like time saved from managers, time to onboard, completion rates and more
  • Demonstrate your impact on the business reporting meaningful metrics like time saved from managers, time to onboard, completion rates and more.

For people managers

  • Invest their times in tasks that matter for them, their team and the new hire
  • Feel in control with reminders that never let them miss a task
  • Reduce repetitive and wasteful admin work with automation

For the new hire

  • Get excited about a long term career in the company because they received what they needed to contribute within their first 90 days
  • Feel secure and productive from day 1 with easy-to-follow onboarding tasks
  • Experience the company culture from day 1 with social experiences

For the company

  • Secure the talent to accomplish their strategic plans on time
  • Less busy managers that can focus on strategy and operations
  • Reduce attrition and improve their image as an employer

Employee Experience Lab Onboarding Design

Next Step

If you’re ready to improve your remote onboarding to help your company scale consistently, send us an email and we’ll set a 20min call to see how we can help!

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