Increasing belonging while reducing 150+ hours of admin work for managers

Get inspired by the transformation of Kleinanzeigen’s hybrid onboarding!

    In this practical case study with concrete examples, we give you behind the scenes access to the work we did with the forever coolest kid in the Berliner tech scene, Kleinanzeigen.

    They approached us seeking our expertise designing onboarding experiences. They wanted to free up time from their busy managers and for new hires to really feel the unique vibe of their culture from day one. Going hybrid had taken the magic out of their process, and they were ready for a change.

    In this case study you’ll learn how we help them to:

    • Implement the new experience while onboarding 120 new people in 6 months
    • Get new hires excited about a long term career with them
    • Eliminate 55% of manager’s onboarding tasks
    • Increase the feeling of community

    If these points resonate with you, get your copy of the case study.

    Employee Experience Lab Kleinanzeigen Onboarding Case Study

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