Virtual EX Design Meetup

Our monthly Online Session to all things Employee Experience Design.

In this session we will give you an introduction into our Employee Experience Design Methodology and give you insights…

    • How having a great Employee Experience can help your company to achieve its goals and keeps its reputation as great employer
    • What is Employee Experience Design and why is in the list of future skills for HR&People professionals
    • How Employee Experience relates to Employer Branding, Learning and Development and Organisational Development
    • What does it mean to “design” an experience and why HR has all that it takes to do it
    • An overview to a lovely project in which we helped a medium sized company to reinvent their Performance Management Process to fit their self-organized teams.

    , Virtual Introduction Session + Q&A

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    We hold our Virtual Meetup Thursdays every month. Please join us!

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      Why Employee Experience Design is relevant today?

      Companies are in need of great new talent and engaged employees in order to fulfil their business goals. A lot of efforts are put in Employer Branding and Employee Engagement initiatives but all that great work won’t bring the desired results if the company does not address the Moments That Matter in the Employee Journey.

      Only when people feel valued and trusted, when they see the company caring for what is meaningful to them, their engagement and performance increases.

      , Virtual Introduction Session + Q&A

      Our virtual workshop course that will teach by action how you can use Design Thinking for your people challenges, right now, with your team!

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