Train the Trainer

We build Communities of Practice that multiply Design Thinking skills to innovate your organisation, its products and services.

Scale up!

You have seen the value of Design Thinking and would like to spread the mindset and skills in your organisation?

Let’s train your colleagues, together! 

Build a Community of Practice and establish an innovation culture that empowers your colleagues to rethink internal processes, products and services from a human perspective. Take a look what we did in Nestlé!

Key Features

Tailor-made to your organisation

Because you know best how your company works and what you want to achieve! We offer a modular approach that fits your employees’ reality and curated content that adapts to your organisation’s needs. 

Strategic Implementation

We go beyond teaching methods. We help you to create value right from the training working on strategic topics selected with you. The roll out can be challenging but we have your back with a remote 1-on-1 mentorship to adjust as you go.

A Community of Practice

We create a community with a framework, tools and materials that works together to multiply the skills and mindset training peers and coaching their projects.

Good Reasons

or how this works


Identify the right profiles with short and hands-on sessions for people to make space easier in their agendas. Colleagues will: 

  • Understand the principles of Design Thinking
  • Have basic methods to use on their own

Practitioner Sessions

Multipliers work in a internal business challenge to deep dive on methods and understand when and how to apply them. After they can:

  • Apply the whole Design Thinking process on their own
  • Use a wide toolbox of methods

Coaching Sessions

A safe environment to practice how to manage teams, bring knowledge to people and prepare effective workshops. Multipliers will be able to:

  • Structure Design Thinking projects with Partners
  • Design and execute workshops for projects
  • Moderate training workshops
  • Coach teams and manage team dynamics

Community Building

We provide the “space”, mentorship and tools for the new coaches to build their confidence and work together to: 

  • Create and showcase success stories
  • Evangelize Design Thinking in the organisation
  • Keep learning from others with a strong community
Call to Action!

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