Building an Employee Experience Strategy 

with Gini

For the past 3 years Gini has been refining how they work as a self-managed organisation. They are fully committed to empower Ginis to shape the product by making decisions and taking risks within their teams.

With a Big Hairy Audacious Goal defining the 3 years ahead and lots of data from their last People survey, the People Experience Team wanted to define their focus areas for 2020. 

We formed a cross-functional team inviting the Organisational Team to participate and we met remotely at our Mural. There we guided them with creative methods that, in their own words, helped them make better decisions by seeing the impact it will bring to the business. The way we facilitated this co-creation allowed both teams to see topics from different perspectives and identify where it is necessary to work together. 

In only 2 afternoons they walked out with clarity, alignment and a concrete strategy for the year ahead. Best of luck Ginis!


1 year roadmap with top key activities and their “definition of done”
Map of prioritised Employees and Business needs

How our EX Strategy workshop looks like?

First 4 Hours

  • People perspective
  • Make sense of employees needs blending the People Team’s implicit knowledge and survey data 
  • Identify and prioritise HR activities to fulfil them

Second 4 Hours

  • Business Perspective
  • Identify HR activities to unlock business constraints
  • Choose top HR activities to address the people and business needs
  • Creation of a roadmap with activities and their definition of done

I loved all the AHA moments we had. Seeing how everything is connected and all the interdependencies (with other teams) was super helpful. I’m confident looking into the future because we addressed important topics and now that they’re clear we can work on them. 

Nicola Heckler – EX Designer at Gini


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