Curious about all that buzz around Employee Experience?

Deep dive with us in a journey to learn how Employee Experience Design can help you achieve business success with committed employees.

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    Have you always wondered why Employee Experience seems to be a buzzword popping everywhere? What does it mean to design an Employee Experience? or more important, how do you actually do that!?

    We know it can get a bit confusing with so much info out there and specially with all those nonsense blogposts people write just because of SEO. So we at EX Labs decided to enter the rodeo of free content and created what we like to think is a quick, honest, no blablabla, overview of EX for you to know: 

    + Why you need to take action regarding the Employee Experience

    + Why you need to think beyond outrageous perks and free snacks

    + What is Employee Experience Design and the EX Lab approach to it

    + How EX Design can help in the fields of HR, L&D and Employer Branding

    + What small steps you can make to start working on your EX now 

    We like to keep it short, fun and insightful, wanna take a look?


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    The topics

    Why EX Design NOW

    How EX Design can make People Processes Strategic for Business Growth

    Working with EX Design: How YOU will need to Change for it to Work

    EX Starter Pack: A quick toolbox to start working on your EX!

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