Increase Your Impact In The Business And Its People

Connect Company Strategy and Employee Needs in a Workshop

Our EX Strategy Workshop is a 1 day session for rapidly crafting your Employee Experience Strategy. It is a fast way for People Teams to decide what actions to take to benefit both the people and the business.

Book a EX Strategy workshop and start generating more value in other areas of your organisation!  


strategy workshop, Employee Experience Strategy Workshop

Broaden your impact

As a People Team it’s not longer enough to focus on keeping employees happy. You need to contribute to the business strategy developing the aspects of the employee experience that will attract, secure and develop the talent in a way that the company can achieve its goals.

Align your team faster

Our clients value how we bring clarity to their decision making process. They leave the workshop confident that the whole team is aligned towards a goal that makes sense for everyone since the value for both the employees and the business is explicit.

🖥 1 (Virtual) Day

Either we go to you or we do it remotely using Mural.

❤️ + 🎯 Connect Employees and Business

On the first half of the session we prioritise what employees need and what you can do to support them. On the second part we identify what you can do to contribute to the company strategy by unlocking business constraints.

📈Prioritise & Align

At the end we put everything together, compare and rank in order to select the top activities you need to focus on.

In EX Lab we have together 12 years of experience facilitating innovation and strategy workshops for complex organisations.

We know how to guide teams into structuring their collective knowledge, drawing connections, and making sense together in order to align and take decisions.

“I loved all the AHA moments we had (…) seeing how everything is connected and all the interdependencies (with other teams) was super helpful. I’m confident looking into the future because we addressed important topics and now that they’re clear we can work on them.”
Nicola – Employee Experience Designer at Gini Gmbh

“It feels good to know that now we have both the people and the business side because as a People Experience team the first thing we want to do is the people side. Now in the next team exchange we can show how all this will have so much impact.”
Julia Ecker – Recruiter and Employer Branding specialist

“Their warm personality, crystal clear view to see your blind spots and formulate reflective questions and their capacity to verbalise non trivial insights is really unique”
Oriol Ribera Founder & CEO Innova.How

“The EX Lab team is challenging, they have a plethora of tools, ideas and twists allowing them to get most out of any team they coach”
Norbert Truffel Senior Global Customer Care Expert at Nestlé


First 1/2 day — People perspective

  • We will set the timeline for the strategy
  • Then use creative methods to make sense of employees needs taken from survey data and your team’s expertise
  • We wrap up with a prioritised list of people activities that would address those needs

Second 1/2 day — Business Perspective

  • To begin we identify what actions can take your People team to unlock business constraints
  • Then we mix, match, compare, rank which activities satisfy both people and business
  • We end up with a roadmap with the selected activities and their definition of done


Better decisions, bigger impact!

You will leave with a team aligned towards a goal and confident of the value that their work will bring.

Explicitly knowing how your work will contribute to unlocking business constraints and developing your colleagues will make it easier to get your stakeholders support and start getting things done.

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