Is talent part of your growth strategy?

Create a powerful workplace where people want to strive and stay!

We know it is hard to create structures when your company is in high growth and recruiting is the main priority.

But don’t forget about your employees, take good care of their experience!

With our Employee eXperience Design approach, we structure a way for your business and its employees to invent the processes they need to move forward and manifest a vision, together.

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Define your EX strategy: Impact Mapping

In this one day workshop we work remotely with your team to translate your employee’s feedback, the company’s strategy and your KPI’s into a map that will make your decision making way much easier. After this session you’ll be able to strategically invest your time in the aspects of the Employee Experience that will generate the most impact, for all the stakeholders involved!

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Create a unique EX in your Company

With Design Sprints we structure your team’s work to get from problem to solution in only 5 days. We can help you improve or create from scratch any stage of the Employee Life Cycle!

You will walk out with a prototype already tested with your colleagues and a roadmap for incremental implementation. This agile approach increases adoption and reduces your time investment 😉

Take it to the next Level

Get the most effective toolbox to design any aspect of your Employee Experience on your own! Start improving your candidate experience to match your KPIs or tweaking administrative tasks to better engage your colleagues. We created 6 EX Modules to guide you through the design process in few easy steps and give you all the materials for you to do it with your team. It can be that easy!

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A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish!

This is our approach to co-create meaningful experiences together with you and employees!


  • Define the business goals and employees’ needs
  • Choose where to invest your time to maximize impact


  • Use data to guide Employee Research
  • Gather insights and map the Employee Journey with the Moments that Matter


  • Craft a Minimum Delightful Experience with its Employee Value Proposition
  • Validate with Employees


  • Bring People on Board with strong insights from research and storytelling
  • Invite Employees to the New Journey

We go beyond outrageous perks, flashy merch and ping pong tables.

We build remarkable Employee Experiences that deliver business value.

We put teams into action and work in a structured way with a big emphasis in self-organization, trying before planning and reflecting to improve. It is really that easy.

It’s not Buzzword Bingo — it’s Common Sense

We focus on human needs. An empathetic approach helps creating a workplace where employees feel valued, trusted and empowered.

Go from processes to experiences!

Co-creation is the core for creating a powerful work environment that brings the business to success and employee engagement. We make sure we create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Create comprehensive experiences, not island solutions!

Why we created EX Lab.

We believe work is a space to explore ourselves, try out new things and grow together with peers working towards a common goal.  

But how can people try and fail or work together across functions when they are managed and controlled by a machinery that tells them what to do, and rewards individual behaviours?

That structure is upheld by HR! We are convinced our HR Friends must step out of their support function to become the heart of organisations; enabling their colleagues, ensuring teaming and pushing the boundaries of what work means. 

With the EX Lab we want to do exactly that.

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