Employee Experience Design


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Would you like to improve your talent-related processes to better help your company achieve its goals?

With Employee Experience Design you marry concrete business’ goals with meaningful employees’ needs to create high performing organisations.

How? Co-creating with your colleagues!

Include their needs, experience and knowledge and start shaping Candidate Experiences that attract top talent, tweaking your on-boarding process to bring newbies up to speed in their first 90 days or creating meaningful programs to lower the turnover rate. You can tackle any talent related process!

Ready to get started?

Hi! We are Madlen and Seyda, we’ve worked for the past two years with Employee Experience Design in the Nestlé HQ and we created this training to share with you the framework and methods we used to guide more than 20 global teams to redesign their internal processes and services

We know how hectic it gets with other priorities and day-to-day tasks, that’s why we created a modular training that gives you step-by-step guidance to maximize the little time you have to design the processes you need.

What you can do with EX Design!

  • Design processes for and with multiple stakeholders
  • Make administrative practices more engaging
  • Design an on-boarding experience that increases retention
  • Make the stages of the Employee Life Cycle more people-friendly
  • Create a competitive Candidate Experience to attract exceptional talent
  • Digitalize processes and gather the requirements to choose the right software


Is this training valuable to you?

If you’re already working with agile principles, have solid talent related programs and your colleagues are happy with your processes and services, this  training is not for you.

But if you want to design new processes to meet your company’s and colleagues’ needs, create a remarkable working culture and you’re in the search for a structured and effective way to do it, then join us!

Our EX Design approach



Use your time effectively by framing your project: define the right scope to contribute to your company’s strategy and address employees’ feedback.


Discover & Design

Identify Moments that Matter and improve or create processes and services in an agile way together with your colleagues and HR team.



Use data, insights and storytelling to make your multiple stakeholders understand, love and support your new processes.

The Training Agenda

In these two days we will practice the 6 EX Design Modules applied to a real use case. We designed the modules to be highly practical and easy to follow. They come with all the materials, tools and guidelines for you to replicate them with your team back at work!

Day 1


Module 1

Frame your Fields of Opportunity

Get strategic. Use data to address what your company is trying to achieve together with your colleague’s needs, then decide where you could have the biggest impact.

Module 2

Data driven Employee Research

Use the data you have to define your employee research. You will learn to gather the insights you need applying qualitative research techniques.

Module 3

Identify Moments that Matter

Highlight the most important moments in the Employee Journey, double check with your company’s goals and choose what needs to change.


Day 2
Module 4

Create the new experience

Get creative with your team using ideation methods to rethink the Employee Journey. Find solutions to their main pain points and build a cohesive concept to address their needs.

Module 5

Prototype and iterate the new experience

Learn how to prototype processes and test them with your stakeholders. Use their feedback to enhance the solution and craft a poignant Employee Value Proposition.

Module 6

Engage your stakeholders

Use the insights from the employee research and storytelling techniques to engage your stakeholders and show the value and benefits of the new process your team created.

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In a Nutshell

  • 2 Days Trainings from 09:00-18:00

  • 6-12 Participants only for a intense learning experience

  • Coaches with business experience

  • 6 EX Design Modules with agendas, templates and tools

  • Workshop Materials, Snacks and Drinks are included

1290.- €
excluding VAT

We only accept payments via invoicing. If you need something special, we will work it out. Contact us

Full refund only possible if cancellation happen 30 days before the training. We reserve the right to cancel the training 30 days before in case the minimum amount of participants is not met and of course you will receive a full refund of your ticket.


In English

  • 19—20. November 2019 in Berlin
  • 10—11. December 2019 in Munich
  • 30—31. Januar 2020 in Berlin
  • 30—31. March 2020 in Berlin
  • 18—19. June 2020 in Munich
  • 22—23. September 2020 in Berlin
  • 03—04. December 2020 in Berlin

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