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We offer strategic guidance for you to find your way to integrate Design Thinking in your organization. We curate the content you need and hook you up with people like you to learn fast and succeed sooner. 

So, you had a Design Thinking training and now you are ready to show the light to your colleagues (and managers kind of expect you to do so after investing in you) but hey! Where to start? What should be your first step?

You find yourself going back to your training materials, getting lost reading Medium posts about innovation or going to Meetups to talk to people like you but it’s too much effort! the info is so standard that it takes time to find what you really need. Don’t panic, it’s common.

With our Mastermind Groups you solve your real-time challenges with a team of like-minded people and an Implementation Coach that curates content for you and guides the team to find the best answers.

Innovation calls for strategy

To convince people to change, to create success stories or to transfer the skills to others. These strategies cannot be taught in trainings because they depend on the organisation’s culture and its reality. With our Mastermind groups you build your own!

More Benefits

Create your strategy with peers and experts

Mastermind Groups are online sessions where people who want to integrate Design Thinking into their organisations meet regularly to create and perform their strategy. The Implementation Coaches curate the content and structure the session for you to focus on making things happen and not on navigating webpages. 

How does it work exactly?

Mastermind Sessions

Free Assessment Session

6 x 120min Sessions in 3 month via Video Chat

Groups of 3 +  Implementation Coach


Good reasons

Expert Guidance

We have an idea where to go! It’s based on our experience, conversations with peers and models from Eric Ries and Clayton Christensen.

Content Curation

We collect your challenges to build the right content and to structure the sessions to create together the best solutions for you.


Stronger as a Pack

Learn from others! Exchanging with peers in your same situation reassures your challenges and inspires you to find the right strategies.

Goals to keep you on track

Set the goal you want to accomplish with these sessions and let the peer review work its magic! We will keep track of your progress.

we get a lot
What about confidentiality?

It is important for us to create the right conditions for you to share your experience. We form teams with people from different industries, no competitors, and to be completely safe: we all sign NDAs!

Is this class only available in English?

We would like to encourage you to talk in English since we have a lot of interested people from outside Germany. But if you don’t feel comfortable, we can try to set you up with a German speaking peer group.

Where do the calls happen?

We love to use Appear.In because it works brilliantly with big groups. However, if you can not use it due to IT regulations in your company, please let us know. We also have done this is WebEx and others.

Videocalls for Action

Start your Design Thinking Implementation Journey now! Sign up or send an Email and we will get your Mastermind Group going! 

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