Our Mission

We want to make the workplace more humane. With people working with people for people. Where humans collaborate combining their skills and using their full creativity to find solutions for others. 

Team EX Lab

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We speak German, English, Spanish and Turkish!

EX Lab
Kochhannstraße 14
12051 Berlin, Germany
We are a fully virtual team, for now!

You can call us directly +49 30 62 937 952
or send a good old E-Mail hello@ex-lab.de

The best way is to find a nice time in our calendar and…
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We take pride in that we have an amazing network of people that we have worked with over the years.

We rely on these friends when it comes to collaboration because we have high standards of how we do things and they know them. That is our criteria for success: long lasting, deep relationships; no quick wins and doing all the work, all the time!

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